Nutrition Counseling and Education for athletes and busy families using behavior-based strategies for building a strong foundation to fuel performance well beyond the field of play

Are you overwhelmed or confused by all the nutrition advice you see online or get from coaches, trainers, and peers?

Nutrition advice seems to come from everywhere…coaches, trainers, friends, parents, social media, celebrities, pro athletes…you name it.

But every BODY is different, and what works for that pro athlete or even your lifting buddy may not be right for you.

A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist should be your go-to resource for the most credible, evidence-based nutrition information and individualized nutrition counseling.

Active kids have unique nutritional needs for not only fueling their physical activities but also supporting healthy physical growth and brain development.

In addition, adolescence is a time of key challenges that affect both their current and future eating patterns…growing independence, busy schedules, peer influence, and increased stress to name a few.

Working with me can simplify the complex nutrition landscape and help unlock hidden potential in both the young athlete and their busy family.

How we can work together

Individual & Small Group Nutrition Counseling for Athletes & Families

Large Group Consulting for Teams, Clubs, & Training Programs



Hi, I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Nutrition Educator, Behavior Change Coach, and Busy Mom of Teenagers.

Make no mistake, I know how much hard work goes into being a sports mom. But, even more than that is the commitment to keeping your family well-fueled so they can chase their dreams and explore possibilities with ease!

I believe that it doesn’t have to be complicated, that small changes can make a big difference, and that no matter where we start our nutrition journey, there’s always an opportunity to move forward.

Whether you’re a young athlete, busy parent, stressed out teenager (or just want to get 1% better and stay on the front side of wellness), I look forward to supporting and guiding your journey with an approach that’s right for YOU!

Let’s fuel our lives and thrive together!

Thrive Nutrition Cincinnati Ohio

“Jennifer managed to hold two 17 year old’s attention for 90 minutes and the minute she walked out the door, my son turned to me and said,

‘I could have listened to her for 4 more hours, Mom!’”

– S.A.


As a nutrition client, you can expect to experience all of these and more…

  • Evidence-based nutrition counseling and education tailored to individual needs, goals, and learning styles delivered in an engaging and accessible way no matter where you’re starting
  • A behavior-based approach that helps you not only learn WHAT to eat but also HOW to put that knowledge into practice within your unique lifestyle by forming small habits over time
  • Personalized support for your journey, providing tools, resources, and support as needed to help work through challenges and discover and unleash your potential so you can thrive even beyond the field