As a busy mom of two teen athletes with big goals, I get it…

You want your kids to have everything they need to be at their best, but you’re always on the go and healthy eating sometimes doesn’t make the cut. I can help!


I haven’t always been a dietitian.

I spent over 15 years working in consumer research and product innovation in the beauty care industry. That first career experience taught me how to uncover insights into consumer thoughts, feelings, motivations, and barriers and introduced me to the fascinating world of behavioral science and habit change.

During that time, my kids developed a passion for sports. Like many families, I found myself juggling a full-time job with 5:00 PM practice 3 nights a week followed by weekend-long sporting events.

Just when I thought I had it under control, my younger one started playing, too!

Jennifer Searles Dietitian Nutritionist in Cincinnati Ohio
Jennifer Searles Dietitian Nutritionist in Cincinnati Ohio

And then things turned serious with the declaration of intent to play in college, and I had to come to terms with the less-than-optimal chicken-nuggets-on-the-way-to-practice fueling approach we had been taking.

We tried to navigate our own way through the overwhelming world of sports nutrition advice and made some small changes that I thought I could manage. The results were significant, even with just a few adjustments. She was 12, and we’ve never looked back.

So, I made it official, went back to school, and launched my second career in nutrition and dietetics with Thrive Nutrition Cincinnati.

Today, I apply my consumer research expertise and habit change skills to my nutrition counseling practice to help guide clients to understand their own needs and barriers, identify personal goals, and design and implement a behavior-based plan to achieve them.






Personally, I love lists. BUT, I find that long lists of do’s and don’ts aren’t all that helpful in the long term.

That’s the stuff you often get from coaches and trainers, and you’re left to figure out how to implement it on your own.


The WHAT is relatively straightforward. But the magic is in the HOW!

☑️ I will work with you to really understand where you are now and meet you there to start moving toward where you want to go in a way that fits into your life.

➡️ We’ll uncover deeper motivations, key needs, challenges, and barriers, and elements of your environment and current habits that can either help or hinder your journey.

➡️ Then I’ll guide you in developing a personalized behavior-based strategy to start building small positive habits to not only fuel performance, but fuel life beyond the field of play.

☑️ I believe in a “Food First” approach, especially for pre-teens and teens whose bodies are still growing and changing constantly.

☑️ I believe that small habits adopted over time have big impact and lead to lasting change. I am passionate about building healthy habits early in life to provide a solid foundation for future health and wellbeing beyond sport.

☑️ I believe that you don’t have to have a perfect diet and that all foods can fit. I can help you navigate the inevitable ups and downs everyone experiences along the way.

I have a knack for simplifying the complex and making it age-appropriate and actionable for you so that it’s as easy as possible to fit into your life.


Thrive Nutrition Cincinnati’s mission is to guide and support people along their health journey through a personalized, behavior-based approach with 1:1 or group nutrition counseling, education, tools, and resources so that they can discover and unleash their potential beyond the current reality and thrive where they so choose.



I believe in a behavior-based approach that helps you understand why you eat what you eat, what your triggers are, and how to plan and adjust to create a system of new, healthy habits that you can live with.

Growth Mindset

I believe in a growth mindset where everyone has untapped potential to unleash no matter where they are right now.


I believe that small changes made over time can lead to significant improvements in health and vitality. It’s an evolution, not a revolution, and it doesn’t have to be hard.

Lasting changE

I believe that everyone is capable of lasting change and growth with tools and support tailored to individual needs.

Grace & resilience

I believe in grace and resilience in the wake of inevitable challenges because no one is perfect nor does anyone deserve to carry the weight of unmet, yet unrealistic expectations.


Jennifer Searles Dietitian Nutritionist in Cincinnati Ohio
  • MS, RDN, LD
  • Master of Science in Nutrition Sciences from the University of Cincinnati
  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
  • Licensed Dietitian in Ohio and Kentucky
  • Working toward Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD) credential